Non White Supremacist Beats San Fran Commish Outside His Home


A long-serving public servant in San Francisco was recently attacked and brutally beaten outside his home.

Greg Chew, the commissioner-at-large, who is Asian, was left bloody and bruised. He is also unable to use one of his arms.

The attacker was riding his bike, spotted Mr. Chew, dropped his bike, and attacked the innocent man for being Asian – in all likelihood.

Derrick Yearby, 34, San Francisco, was arrested in the case for probable cause. He has an arrest record.

Just last week, an Asian woman was beaten by children blocks from his home.

An arrest was made.

FOX News reports:

San Francisco beating of 70-year-old Asian woman: Police seek 11-year-old, three other young suspects

Multiple law enforcement sources told Fox News Saturday they are seeking an 11-year-old boy and three other young suspects in a brutal attack on a 70-year-old Asian woman in San Francisco last weekend.

The vicious assault was captured on video, but no suspects are in custody.

Authorities said that an 11-year-old black boy and a 13-year-old black girl were active participants.

A 14-year-old black girl is seen kicking the woman in the head in the Anza Vista neighborhood.

A black male who just turned 18 is also being sought.

Two other suspects were allegedly associated with a group involved in a string of robberies and were reportedly nabbed in Oakland, California.

Leaders in San Francisco need to deal with this issue. What is allowed to go on is evil.

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