San Fran Fed Chair Explains That There’s no Recession


Good news, there is no recession, peasants. What we are living through is only a supply and demand problem. We don’t know what isn’t supplied or what people demand, but we must accept the word of the San Francisco Fed Chair. She’s an economist!

We understand if you feel you are living in the old Soviet Union with Stalinist news.

During a Face the Nation appearance on Sunday, San Francisco Fed Chair Mary Daley told host Margaret Brennan, “What I see is supply and demand are just unbalanced. About 50% of my own staff’s estimates of the excess inflation we see is related to demand. The other 50% to supply.”

Supply and demand of what? She isn’t talking energy. We have a supply and demand problem due to the government collapsing our energy sector, but that isn’t what she is suggesting.

The administration is still pretending it’s a supply and demand issue, among other reasons, but not including the annihilation of our energy sector.

Daley said the entire world is experiencing inflation. That’s due to the sanctions mostly.

According to Daley, it’s not a recession; it’s inflation.

Don’t worry; they’re working on it.

They have gas prices down thanks to our Strategic Petroleum Reserves. It’s usually for emergencies. Emergencies don’t normally include Democrat political tricks to fool the citizenry.

Due to the draining of oil reserves bringing gasoline prices down, July inflation numbers will look better.

However, that will be temporary. The food inflation has just begun. With the new planting season, the extraordinary price increases will only hit in August or September. We hadn’t experienced real inflation because the farmers had finished the growing season when food inflation hit due to the shortage of fertilizers and insecticides and the high prices that result from the shortage. Watch:

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