Non-White Supremacist Nabbed for Vicious Assault of Thai Model-Arrested 44 Times


On Thursday, Kevin Douglas, 40, a non-white and non-supremacist man, was arrested and charged with second-degree robbery, third-degree robbery, and second-degree assault, according to the New York Post.

Douglas has been held on Rikers Island since he was arrested at around 1 p.m. Nov. 22 for an incident in Jamaica when he is alleged to have pushed open the door of a random 34-year-old woman’s home and punched her in the face, according to records and sources.

He has a lengthy rap sheet yet he is continually set free.

He’s been arrested 44 times and faced charges for drugs, assault, criminal possession of a weapon, robbery, and criminal tampering dating back to 1997, sources said.

On one day alone — May 13, 2019, he was arrested 16 times, according to sources. The reason for the flurry of arrests was not immediately known.

He was arraigned on the latest charges in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday before Judge Curtis Farber, who set bail at $75,000. His next court date, in this case, is April 11.


This monster viciously beat and sexually assaulted a Thai model at the Herald Square station in New York City.

Jirajariyawetch – an aspiring model and fashion designer – had just come to the United States from Thailand only a few months before the barbarous battering.

“I’m just glad that I’m still alive,” she told the Post.

It’s good Mayor Adams hired his brother to look out for white supremacists in case one shows up one day.

Watch this horrendous attack:

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