Non-White Supremacists Are Killing Minority People in LA


In Los Angeles, blacks are only 9% of the population but commit nearly half of the homicides.

According to a Los Angeles Times analysis of Los Angeles Police Department data, homicides surged when the pandemic began, but it almost entirely affected black and Latino victims.

It’s mostly gang violence, the LA Times admits. They’re killing black and Latino people.

LA’s District Attorney George Gascon is criminal-friendly and averse to prosecuting minority criminals, but the LA Times didn’t mention that.

While the violence comes from black and Latino gangs, the victims are old, young, homeless, and housed, sitting in their cars and working a shift, the LA Times reports.

The Victims Are Minorities

In the 18-month period from January 2020 through this June, there were 266 Latino victims killed in L.A., compared with 182 Latino victims in the prior 18-month period — a 46.2% increase.

There were 192 Black victims, compared with 151 Black victims in the previous period, for a 27.2% increase. Victims whose race was described as “other” were fewer in number but increased more sharply — from 14 to 30, for a 114.3% increase.

Black People Are Killing Black People in LA, Not White Supremacists

According to U.S. Census data, Latinos account for 49% of the city’s population and 50% of homicide victims during the more recent 18-month period. Black people account for just 9% of the city’s population but 36% of the victims. Non-Latino white people account for about 29% of L.A.’s population but less than 8% of the victims.

Of those killings between 1998 and 2020 where police recorded a description of the suspect’s race, 50% were Latino, 34% were Black, 4% were white, and 3% were listed as “other.” This year, according to LAPD data, 42% of noted suspects have been described as Latino, 46% Black, and 4% white.

The LA Times made a point of saying blacks are over-represented. However, it’s black and Latino people killing black and Latino people. Democrats are wholly responsible since they run everything. It’s not racism. They are killing their own. It’s largely due to gangs and poor parenting.

It’s always someone else’s fault for Democrats. They are the party of look for someone to blame.

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1 year ago

The only White Supremacists I’ve met have been Democrats!

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

LapTop Joe’s sly KKK race-exterminating schemes unfolding since covid and the toxic vaxx didn’t meet his and accomplices expectations of death among ethnic and black groups.

Day Plume
Day Plume
1 year ago

Non-white supremacists… what does that mean?