Non-White Supremacists Shoot Into Crowd Killing 3, Wounding 11


At least 14 people were shot, three of them killed, when gunmen fired into a crowd on South Street in Philadelphia late Saturday night. This is a repeat from 6 days ago when violence erupted. A father and son were killed and 14 were shot at the time.

In both cases, all the people in the crowd and involved in the shooting appear to be black.

The media is calling them mass shootings in an attempt to equate them with Uvalde where children and teachers were murdered by a madman. To call them mass shootings is deceptive. The problems are the gangs and flash mobs, not lunatic shooters like we saw in Uvalde.

It happened on South Street between 2nd and 3rd streets – an area lined with restaurants, shops and bars – shortly before midnight. Police said officers heard multiple gunshots, then saw several gunmen firing into a crowd of people.

These ‘mass shootings’ are in an area on the border of the South Side which is rife with gangs. It’s also popular for roving bands of kids – flash mobs – that lately hit The South Street entertainment area on weekends.

An officer fired his gun at one of the shooters, Philadelphia Police Inspector D. F. Pace said. It is not known if the suspect was struck, however they did drop their gun and flee, NBC Philadelphia reports.

It is unclear if that suspect was struck, or if anyone else was.

Two guns were recovered at the scene, but no suspects have been arrested.

Three people are reported to have died in this assault, in which a 25-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man are included. He had been shot several times, according to ground report.

Black community in gang-ridden Philadelphia.

The people involved are all black and one of the murdered men in the crowd was shot several times. Since there is a lot of gang activity in the area, the attack could have been gang-related. It could be a hit.

Most mass shootings are gang violence. That is the core problem. A lot of innocent people get wounded and killed in these gang-ridden areas. Most are black victims.

Injured people were taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Pennsylvania Hospital and Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. According to the Philadelphia Police, there was another shooting incident near 11 PM. in which 13 bullet casings were found. Police is also probing the connection between these two incidents.


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