Biden Lit Up The White House in Bright Orange to Divide Us


In addition to lighting up the White House in orange for Gun Violence Awareness Day, Biden wants people to wear orange all weekend. It’s another ploy with political motives.

According to CNN, the illumination came after a string of publicized shootings. The orange glow illuminated the White House until early Saturday morning.

Other government buildings, including City Hall in New York City and California’s Capitol, were lit in orange.

The first National Gun Violence Awareness Day was held in June 2015 following the death of Hadiya Pendleton, a Chicago teenager who was mistakenly shot.

Pendleton’s friends started Project Orange Tree after a youth panel discussion about her death led the movement to wear orange and raise awareness.

The idea to wear orange comes from hunters who wear the color to alert other hunters of their presence.


All he does is divide us, as did Barack Obama who is likely behind much of what we see going on, along with George Soros and the Obama-Soros apparatchiks running around the White House.

Bold orange lights are also another opportunity for the Democrat media to trash half the country.

These people of the Left want a revolution. They’re goading us. Don’t let them.

If they cared, if they really cared, they would call it what it is – gang violence. And, they would do something about the weekly slaughter in our major Democrat-run cities. Fifty-one people shot just in Chicago on Memorial weekend alone. It was due to gang violence.The elites don’t care.

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