Russia Threatens to Target The West Over Long-Range Missile Shipments


Russian President Putin threatened to hit new targets if the West continues to provide Ukraine with long-range missiles. The suggestion is Putin will hit US cities. Long-range missiles can hit Russia.

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The New York Times reports:

At least five missiles hit the capital, Kyiv, about 5 a.m. near a railway station and other targets, the first shelling reported in the city in more than a month. The strikes, which Russia said destroyed tanks and armored vehicles supplied by Eastern European allies, came as President Vladimir V. Putin warned that Moscow would hit targets it had so far avoided if Western nations began delivering longer-range missiles to Ukraine.

Joe Biden confirmed he would sent M142 high-mobility artillery rocket systems which can hit targets fifty miles away.


According to RT, Antony Blinken said he secured Ukraine’s promise to not hit Russia.

“On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Ukrainian government had given Washington assurances that it will not use American rockets to strike targets on Russian soil.”

RT reports that one day later, however, Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Alexey Arestovich seemed to contradict that statement when he said the Ukrainian military will strike Russian territory if it sees fit to do so. When asked about Crimea, Arestovich insisted it is still part of Ukraine, and hence a legitimate target.

“Crimea is ours. It belongs to Ukraine. And they [Russia] know it. Therefore, [the rocket] will fly to Crimea double-time, should the need arise,” he said.

There was a referendum in Crimea in which the people of Crimea allegedly voted to join Russia. Russia considers Crimea part of Russia.


“One of President Putin’s closest allies, Dmitry Medvedev, has warned that Moscow could target western cities if Ukraine uses rocket systems supplied by the United States to carry out strikes on Russian territory,” the UK Times reported.

Of course, it needs to be understood that the final decision-making centers in this case, unfortunately, are not located on the territory of Kyiv,” Medvedev continued during an interview with Al Jazeera.

Russians accused the West of using Ukraine to wage a proxy war with Russia.

Apocalyptic religious background – huge powerful lightning hits city, judgment day, end of world, red glowing skies


He also warned that the fighting in Ukraine was pushing the world dangerously close to nuclear Armageddon.

“The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are already on their way. And all hope now is with Lord God the Almighty,” Medvedev said.

Kremlin-controlled state television has said on a number of occasions that Moscow could launch nuclear missiles against western countries, including Britain, if the war in Ukraine turns against Russia.

This is a most unnecessary war. Now entire cities and perhaps the world are possibly under threat of a nuclear attack. However, George Soros believes the West must remover Putin and Xi to prevent World War III.

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