Non-White Supremacists Shoot Up a Ramadan Celebration


After the Ramadan fasting, two groups of people went bonkers and decided to shoot each other among 1,000 partygoers. A thousand people, including women and children, were in attendance.  An innocent child was shot. It was Philadelphia where they keep voting in the pro-criminal district attorney, Larry Krasner, a Soros DA. Krasner worries a lot about white supremacists who don’t exist in Philadelphia, and mostly nowhere.

Five people were arrested, and four were juveniles. The police don’t believe it was tied to the religious feast. It sounds like gang activity.

Two groups were shooting at each other. Very gang-y.

In addition to the child who was shot in the hand, another person went to the hospital with a bullet to his stomach. Both are in stable condition.

It was a family-friendly event, and the Muslim community was upset this happened for a second time.

Najah Bey Screenshot

Not too many people will miss the gangsters if they go to pison, but an innocent child was shot. But, oh, that white supremacy.

“We don’t know who was shooting, where the shots came from, but people started shooting and everyone just started running. You have babies, elderly people, everybody was just there to enjoy themselves, and now we end up at the emergency room,” said witness Najah Bey.

“You can’t even have a celebration without having to worry about somebody getting shot,” Bey added.


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