North Korea Could Have Missiles That Reach the U.S. in 3 Years, Thank You Bill Clinton


North Korea could have missiles capable of reaching the U.S. in the next few years. Bruce Klingner, a former CIA deputy division chief for Korea, said the inaccessible nation is closer than people realize to developing a nuclear missile that could cross the ocean and strike the U.S.

“We can expect an [intercontinental ballistic missile] test this year with full capability within the next few years,” Klingner told Fox News.

Earlier this year, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un said the country was in the final stages of test-launching an “intercontinental ballistic rocket”.

Klingner believes North Korea should be put back on the terrorist list. He told Fox News that in 2013, “Kim Jong-un was photographed in front of a map of the U.S. which appeared to show four targets for North Korean missiles – Hawaii, San Diego, Washington D.C. and perhaps Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.”

He said several four-star generals believe North Korea already has the ability to launch nuclear-tipped missiles.

Trying to stop North Korea is also fraught with potentially disastrous outcomes he believes.

Donald Trump tweeted earlier this year that “it won’t happen”. He might mean he would be stopped before acting.

Some took Trump’s tweet to mean the North Korean president is simply saber-rattling.

It has been the habit of Kim Jong Il and that of his father to act in a threatening manner when they need money for their desperate dystopian empire.

If they are close to having the bomb, we can thank Bill Clinton who worked out a very similar deal to the one Barack Obama finalized with Iran, allowing the nations to have nuclear bombs and ICBMs.

In October 1994, in a deal signed with the U.S., North Korea agreed to shut down its main nuclear reactor. Then U.S. President Bill Clinton praised the agreement, saying, “This is a good deal for the United States… The entire world will be safer.”

Obviously that wasn’t the case. They should have been stopped while we had the chance. If they lob nuclear missiles at California, thank Bill Clinton.

Mr. Klingner gave the same warning in February.

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