Not-a-white-supremacist viciously attacks Chinese man in Manhattan


A photo of the repugnant creature who viciously attacked an innocent Asian man is now available to the public. And, guess what, he’s not a white supremacist. These crimes mostly take place in San Francisco and Manhattan. There are no white supremacists in either city.

The man’s crime was he is Asian — Chinese — while walking.

The culprit is, as usual, not a white supremacist. It’s never a white supremacist. It’s almost always a black man. There is a problem between black men and the Chinese community.

The 12-second video released Saturday by the NYPD shows the 61-year-old victim being repeatedly kicked at around 8:20 p.m. Friday. He was attacked from behind at the foot of a 19-story apartment building under construction.

The attacker relentlessly kicks his helpless victim at least six times. Then he nonchalantly walks away as the victim was motionless on the sidewalk.

The victim Yao Pan Ma is fighting for his life in a Harlem Hospital. He is in critical but stable condition.

He lost his job due to the pandemic and was collecting cans to make some money.

His wife, Baozhen Chen spent much of Sunday praying. She’s very distressed.

“I’m very scared right now. I’m so worried that my husband might never come back,” Chen said through a translator.

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