Now we have a pretty clear idea of where COV originated


It is obvious that we must determine the origins of COVID or we cannot prevent the next pandemic. Americans were told ridiculous reasons for the virus. We were lied to about Pengolins sold in a Wuhan market causing it — without any evidence or any connecting of the dots.

On February 6, 2020, scientists from the South China University of Technology uploaded a paper that said it likely came from the Horseshoe Bat but it’s odd since it’s not sold at the Wuhan markets, and there are none near Wuhan. As it happened, two Wuhan universities conducted research on Horseshoe Bats.

They concluded the killer coronavirus likely came from a lab in Wuhan. The paper stayed on the Internet for weeks and healthcare officials in the US ignored it.

The reaction was to demonize anyone who said the lab is the likely origin. We weren’t even allowed to say it was the “Wuhan Virus,” since the media wanted to please Chinese communists.

A Chinese scientist, a virologist, who personally did experiments in China on the Coronavirus with the top virologists in the world, Li Meng Yan told Tucker early on, September 15, 2019, that the virus belonged to the Chinese military and was released deliberately — “of course.”

Politfact accused Dr. Yan of being a “pants on fire liar.” Facebook censored any mention of Dr. Yan. Brian Stelter mocked her and said the social media monopolies “intervened,” as if it was for our own good.

To rebel against Donald Trump, they continued the lie about the origins of the virus. Now that they got Biden elected, most attacks on Dr. Yan and her statements are retracted. Even Politifact retracted. Facebook hasn’t because they are too tight with China.

Dr. Yan was on Tucker last night, now exiled from her family and country for exposing the origins of the virus.

Dr. Yan told Tucker that the virus came from a gain-of-function research project partly by NIH using US taxpayers’ money. The people behind this are the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Army.

Tucker asked her thoughts on why Drs. Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins among others rejected the idea. She said it’s because the Chinese Communist Party wants everyone to believe it came from nature so they use their power, their influence, and their misinformation campaign, and use scientists to spread the false story so they won’t know it came from the lab.

The scientists lied.

She said she can tell from looking at it that it was created in the lab, and has proven it. There is no good purpose to gain-of-function research. It is too dangerous. The only purpose is to harm people and target people, she said.


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