GOP deeply concerned that the Pentagon’s purging conservatives


A US Space Commander was relieved of his command for comments he made against the Marxist Critical Race Theory on two podcasts. That has some House Republicans outraged and worried.

They believe the Pentagon is purging conservatives from the Pentagon.

In a letter Wednesday to Chief of Space Operations Gen. Jay Raymond and acting Air Force Secretary John Roth, two dozen members of Congress called for the reinstatement of Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier. They wrote that “promoting critical race theory will disrupt the good order and discipline of the Space Force and eviscerate our nation’s ability to attract patriotic talent to serve in uniform and fight our wars.”

The lawmakers are worried diversity training is a euphemism for rooting out conservative ideologies. They gave several examples of other service members criticizing Fox News personality Tucker Carlson and involved Minnesota police officers after the killing of George Floyd, or the military itself, without similar punishment.

They should be more worried that the Pentagon supports Marxism and Critical Race Theory, an anti-White, anti-Semitic, anti-American program.

Colorado Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn, the first person who signed the letter, shared a copy of the letter on Twitter and wrote, “I led a letter with 23 of my @HouseGOP colleagues regarding the mistreatment of Lt. Col. Lohmeier & the rising threat of Marxist based, critical race theory in the military. Our military should focus on national security threats, not woke political ideology.”

Wokeism is communism.

We know they are purging. They basically said they are. That’s what their Countering Extremism Commission led by lunatic Bishop Garrison is about.

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