NSA Released Its Marxist-Based DEI Glossary


Lots of opinions in this article.

Disney has announced that their employees will wear pronoun pins. It is only meant to indoctrinate the children into the bizarre Marxist-based Gender ideology. Worse than that is a story out today on the Daily Wire about the NSA. The powerful government agency has created a massive glossary of terms for employees ranging from anti-racist to the gender-neutral pronouns “Ze” and “Zir.”

This is Marxist insanity. Forget the whole gay LGBT thing. This is not what this is about. This isn’t about gay anything. It’s crazyville. This is about using LGBT people to change the culture to a Marxist one. For those who don’t know, Marxism is communism. Socialism is also Marxist, and it’s the path to communism. It inevitably leads to communism because it, of necessity, deprives individuals of freedom. The US government is all in on Marxism because they want central control of our lives.


The Daily Wire verified a copy of the NSA Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Glossary. The NSA provides definitions of “queer theory” and “white fragility” as if “white fragility” actually existed. Hardcore leftist academics created the theories out of their own biases.

The NSA blames “white Europeans” for engaging in “settler colonialism” and warns of “trans misogyny.” That is all communist BS. It is blatantly racist, anti-American language, and it is evil. It encourages hatred of white people and hatred for a wonderful culture that’s been established by people who happen to largely be European but not totally. People from all different cultures contributed to America, and they weren’t colonialists.

Settlers were not colonialists. They came here to a New World for a new life to escape the very thing that we’re becoming. My Dutch ancestors came here in the 1600s.  They came before Plymouth Rock. Some were French Huguenots, but most were Dutch. They were treated very badly in their home countries, and they came to practice their religion freely. These settlers did not believe in slavery, as was true of most settlers.

We are allowing the hardcore left to make us into a country where we are not allowed to practice religion freely and where we are demonized for being descended from the people who made this country great.

We have people coming in now who hate this country and hate our values, and you can thank mostly progressive Democrats – communists – for that.

The 34-page NSA document was published internally on May 6, 2022, but never released publicly for obvious reasons. It’s left-wing racism and sexism. It endorses the tenets of critical race theory and queer theory to make us into the communists they clearly are.

It cites the very radical left DiAngelo to define fake “white fragility” as “the state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves [in white people].” It adds, “these behaviors … function to reinstate white racial equilibrium.”

Robin DiAngelo, hardcore leftist

People of color and white people are no different. We are all the same people. Our Constitution is clear – physical attributes must be ignored. We are all equal under God.

Whiteness” is defined by the agency as a “broad social construction that embraces the white culture, history, ideology, racialization, expressions, experiences, epistemology, emotions and behaviors,” all in order to reap “material political, economic, and structural benefits for those socially deemed white.”

You see why they are doing that. They have to demonize who we are so they can destroy us and replace the culture and politics with the almighty STATE. We see how that works out throughout the world.

Go to Daily Wire for more infuriatingly dishonest glossary terms that are used to indoctrinate the most powerful employees in the world.

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