Joe Manchin Might Run for President


Joe Manchin – who had to pull out of the West Virginia race for Senate because of his low polling numbers – is probably going to run for president. He feels Joe Biden has gone too far left, and he’s afraid Donald Trump will win the presidency.

Joe Manchin is pretty far left. He believes in rather extreme gun control, fairly extreme spending, and extreme climate change. For years, he said he’s a moderate, yet he’s voted for 85% of the extreme agenda. He spends (Inflation Reduction Act).

West Virginians are on to him now. I don’t know how he imagines himself taking votes from Donald Trump, but he might. Out of desperation, people might vote for him over Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

His is NOT moderate.

He’ll likely do everything the Democrat party wants. He caved to Chuck Schumer easily. The progressive left has taken over the party and is ruining this country.

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