WaPo to Publish Photographic Anti-Gun Propaganda Tomorrow


While the administration makes this country far more dangerous, Moms Demand Action reports that The Washington Post will publish a story tomorrow that attacks the AR-15, the most popular rifle in America.

Sandy Phillips posted the information to her X page.

“Survivors…the Washington Post has been working on a story about the AR15, mass shootings, & the physical & emotional trauma left in the wake of these tragedies. There are videos & photos that may be activating to you. Please take appropriate steps for your well-being.

“Thursday morning, the Washington Post plans to publish a piece as part of its series about the AR-15 that includes personal accounts, photos, and videos from 11 mass shootings. The piece also has crime scene photographs that are very disturbing.

“The Post says their goal is to try to help the public better understand the trauma inflicted on victims, survivors, and first responders when a gunman opens fire with an AR-15. They are taking the extra step of giving affected communities featured in the story a heads up so they don’t feel blind-sided if it comes across their news feed and so they can guard their hearts before, or if, they choose to click. The story will appear online at http://washingtonpost.com and shared on social media.”


Sandy Anglin Phillips of Moms Demand Action lost her beautiful daughter tragically in an Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting by a madman with a gun. Her solution for this type of mass shooting is to take everyone’s guns away, including all honest, responsible Americans’ guns. She’ll say they want stronger, smarter gun laws, but then the organization goes for laws that make it impossible for a responsible person to use a gun for self-defense.

In the case of Phillips’s daughter, James Holmes was the killer. He specifically chose one theater for his evil act. Seven movie theaters were within a 20-minute drive from James Holmes’s apartment, all showing the movie The Dark Knight Returns.”  The one he chose was not closest to his home but the ONLY one that advertised itself as a “Gun Free Zone.”

Every high-profile mass shooting in this country has occurred at “soft targets” or gun-free zones.  Some are almost irrationally gun-free, such as the Ft. Hood shootings, a large military base with not a single military member armed.


James Holmes killed 12 people, including Mrs. Phillips’s daughter. However, he was in possession of an illegal gun.

Beginning in graduate school, Holmes would see shadows and “flickers” at the corners of his eyes, which would fight each other with firearms and other weapons.

At the University of Colorado, Holmes sought help in 2012 for his mental state at the student health clinic after he broke up with his girlfriend.

Because he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, his caregivers were allowed to testify at his trial. He was seen by psychiatrist Dr. Lynne Fenton, who testified at his trial that she was worried about his homicidal ideation expressed in their last meeting. She saw him a total of seven times over three months, twice with a male psychiatrist. Holmes rejected their suggestions for treatment.

There Was a Threat Assessment Alert

In June 2012, after Holmes had sent her a threatening email, she activated a threat assessment team to help her formulate a plan for Holmes. She expressed concerns about his social phobia and “psychotic-level thinking” and believed he may have had schizoid personality disorder. She listed specific concerns, such as his long-standing fantasies about killing as many people as possible, his reluctance to discuss any details about his plans, his refusal to allow them to talk to anyone else, and the unclear timeline; she didn’t know if he was always that way or if this was a new behavior.

She consulted with his mother, who said he had longstanding social problems. Although the center offered to treat him if he lost his insurance, he left treatment.

His Mental Health Deteriorated

In 2012, Holmes’ academic performance declined, and he scored poorly on the comprehensive exam in the spring. The university was not planning to expel him; however, Holmes was withdrawing. Three days after failing a key oral exam at the university in early June 2012, Holmes dropped out of his studies without further explanation. At the time of his arrest, he gave his occupation as “laborer.”

Holmes’ defense attorneys stated in a motion that he was a psychiatric patient of the medical director of Anschutz’s Student Mental Health Services before the Aurora shooting. The prosecutor disagreed with that claim. Four days after releasing the defense attorney’s motion, the judge required this information to be blacked out.

He Was Seeing Mental Health Professionals at the Time

CBS News later reported that Holmes had met with at least three mental health professionals at the University of Colorado before the massacre. One of them, who was informed by Holmes of his homicidal thoughts, considered placing him on an involuntary mental health hold but decided against it, noting her belief that Holmes was “Borderline” and the commitment would only inflame him.

One of Holmes’ psychiatrists suspected that before the shooting, Holmes suffered from a mental illness that could have been dangerous. A month before the tragedy, Dr. Lynne Fenton told the campus police that he had also made homicidal statements.

Two weeks before the massacre, Holmes sent a text message asking a graduate student if the student had ever heard of the disorder dysphoric mania and warning the student to stay away from him “because [he was] bad news.”

Moms Demand Action might legitimately make a case for Red Flag Laws, but not the AR-15. However, Holmes had an illegally owned gun.

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