Nurses Laugh as WWII Vet Cries for Help


The 89-year old World War II veteran lay helplessly in his hospital bed calling for help because he couldn’t breathe while two nurses ignored him and laughed.

The nurses failed to take life-saving measures according to procedure. They were laughing as they tried to start an oxygen machine.

The secret video showed that nobody was doing CPR when one nurse arrived, and she did not start immediately. After the attorneys showed the nurse the video, she told them it was an honest mistake, based on her normal reactions.

The video had been under seal but was recently released. The incident took place in 2014.

The nurses lost their licenses but not until 10 months later. They turned them in this year after the video was released.

This was a man whose life was on the line as he fought in one of the worst wars imaginable.

The nursing home has a deplorable record and one-star rating but is still open.



  1. As an RN, I find this story to be personally revolting.

    During my years at SB, I once encountered a couple of interns discussing their rotations at the Vets hospital and found those discussions extremely disturbing and disrespectful to the vets they were caring for. I interrupted them and called them out in no uncertain terms. I informed these young men they had absolutely no idea the sacrifices these vets make to keep their pampered, spoiled little butts safe and free… “If there is one group of patients who deserve ever bit of extra care and concern, of tender loving care, it is our veterans” (wording cleaned up a bit for online comment).

    Let’s just say the remainder of their rotation on my floor was not their best or easiest assignment.

    But still, this speaks terribly for the professionalism of those nurses. We take an oath to, “do no harm.” Good that they were washed out but such behaviors and attitudes should have been noted by their supervisors long before this incident with appropriate action taken. It leaves me to believe supervisory and management staff needs to be looked at far more closely. These sorts of attitudes tend to run from the top down.

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