Nutter Reps Bowman & AOC Go Bonkers on Stage


Rep. Jamaal Bowman, the NY congressman who said no Jews were raped on Oct. 7, is lagging 17 points behind Westchester Executive George Latimer. Bowman tried taking back his Oct. 7 comment, but the cat’s out of the proverbial bag – we all know he’s pro-Hamas and spreads their propaganda.

Fellow DSA psycho Squad member AOC went to bat for him at a South Bronx rally, or is it going bats? She was at a rally for Bowman with communist-loving Bernie Sanders. Her performance, with gesticulations, jumping, screeching, and banging, was insane.

She wants to take the country back even though Democrats have all the power, with only minor resistance in the barely-majority Republican House.

AOC occasionally used Black speech to pander to her audience. As she spoke, you can see that she really, really hates capitalism and money as she lives in luxury.

When she’s not lying, she’s not speaking. AOC tried to pretend political corruption, racism, and greed were defeating Bowman, famous for pulling a fire alarm to stop a congressional vote.

This is how AOC and Bowman rev up the crowd. It’s crazyville. She has done NOTHING for the people in her district.

Psycho screamer.

Terrorist supporter Bowman is a lunatic, too.

“We’re gonna showing fucking AIPAC the motherfucking power of the South Bronx,” Jamaal Bowman says at this election rally for his campaign at St. Mary’s Park.

Their brand of crazy worked for the monster on this link.

It’s funny how she blames politicians for the burning of the Bronx decades ago in the clip below. One of my family members used to go to those fires. They were set by people who lived there, including the Black Panthers. White firefighters, some Jewish, risked their lives running into those burning buildings to save innocent Black people.

AOC lied throughout, shouting about racist roads as she screeched and screamed.

Go Latimer!


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