NY AG: $370M Fine & Trump Barred for Life from NY Real Estate


New York Attorney General Leticia ‘Tish’ James, a former left-wing public advocate and council member, wants to bar Donald Trump from ever again working in the New York real estate industry. In a filing Friday, before closing arguments in the civil fraud trial, lawyers for James said they want Trump and other defendants to pay a $370 million fine for  “ill-gotten gains,“ plus additional interest. It claims a whole host of deceptive schemes were employed to inflate asset values and conceal facts that belie innocent explanations.

Originally, James said she was looking for $250 million; now it’s $370 million. One must wonder if this has something to do with the very left-wing friendly judge. In September, the judge found Trump and his two adult sons, their company, and two former executives liable for a decade of fraud. This was before any defense or trial took place. The case alleges conspiracy, falsifying business records, and insurance fraud.

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It’s all based on James’ contention that the properties are worth much less than Trump stated. However, the banks did their own assessments and were delighted with the deals they made with Donald Trump. Everyone was happy with the transactions, and everyone made money. Anything Trump did is done routinely. The lenders always do their own assessments.

James said, “Direct evidence from multiple witnesses establishes Trump made known his desired target net worth each year… which his CFO and controller, then due to set out to hit by reverse-engineering the asset values,” James’ attorneys wrote in Friday’s filing.

They claimed that Trump “failed to present any legally relevant response to the people’s proof.”

James ran for office on the “I’ll get Trump ticket.”

Trump’s post-trial filing is due today but has not yet been filed. In addition to the lifetime New York real estate ban for Trump and the former executives – Alan Weisselberg and Jeffrey McConney – James’ office is seeking five-year bans for Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. This would destroy the Trump family, at least in New York.

The judge has already decided he’s guilty and did so before hearing the defense arguments. Closing arguments are set for January 11. Mr. Trump was also not allowed to have a jury trial.

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Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
1 month ago

Trump needs to bring the full weight of the goverbnment against this corrupt Morlock when he is elected.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

Those witch-hunters are psychopaths.

They give ultra light sentences to leftists, but they give cruel and unusual punishment to Trump and anyone who is a conservative…and they manage to do that trough cheating, lying, manipulating.

Psychopaths is what they are.

1 month ago

Just ask for a Gazillion dollars because you won’t get that either. Sister of Mighty Joe Young. Mighty Ugly.