NY AG tells police to get rid of traffic stops after man dies resisting arrest


NY AG tells police not to arrest for certain warrants and to end traffic stops after man dies resisting arrest

The New York Attorney General Letitia James suggests the NYPD get rid of traffic stops and stop arresting for some warrants to avoid violence and deaths. Great idea — just let them do whatever they want.

A man named Allan Feliz died after a traffic stop, and that’s the impetus for her comments.

“The death of Allan Feliz was a tragedy, and I offer my deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones during this time,” said James. “While criminal charges were not warranted, we were gravely concerned by some of the actions of the responding officers and issued a number of recommendations that the NYPD should take into account, including removing officers from engaging in any type of routine traffic enforcement activity.”

In other words, she said that she couldn’t say the use of deadly force was unjustified in his case but nothing would have happened if police hadn’t pulled him over.


James went on to recommend that if the NYPD decides to preserve officers’ role in traffic stops that it scrap a policy encouraging police to arrest any motorist they stop who has open warrants.

Allan Feliz was pulled over by police on Bainbridge Avenue on Oct. 17 last year. The body camera video shows a conversation regarding his seat belt.

But instead of handing over his own ID to police, he gave them his brother’s ID, which had three open warrants for violations. He was shot by Sgt. Jonathan Rivera after a struggle and Feliz trying to run over an officer.

“Based on witness accounts, considerable video evidence and an exhaustive review of the facts, the use of deadly force could not be proven to be unjustified beyond a reasonable doubt, as the legal standard requires,” said James.

Feliz almost ran over one of the officers. He was shot after he tried to put the car in reverse.

Instead of telling police to not do their job, why doesn’t she get some training videos together that inform people to not resist arrest and become violent with officers.



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