Shadow Candidate Biden’s “Campaigning” Like He’s “The Great & Powerful Oz”


There are times Joe Biden’s presidential campaign seems to be following a script from the classic motion picture, “The Wizard of Oz”, with Joe playing the conman, scammer, and phony wizard.

We all remember it was that flimflammer, mixing hoaxes with slick marketing from behind his curtain, that duped “people” into believing he was “The Great and Powerful Oz”.

Even his rise to power was the result of a mishap.  A tornado swept this former carnival worker off to Emerald City whereupon he accepted the position as Wizard due to “hard times”.  He pretty much used propaganda and an uninformed population to hold power.

Now, some 81 years after the release of this timeless American film, we see some stunning political parallels to that musical fantasy’s plotline.

Consider the similarities between Joe Biden and the former carney worker.  Joe, who was going nowhere fast, had a terrific Super Tuesday, and suddenly the former forever pol is being swept to the top of his party’s ticket.  The twister-like swiftness seemed a surprise to everyone, including Biden.

From that lofty perch the former VP has pretty much assumed the same strategy employed by Emerald City trickster.  Biden’s simply traded his secure basement for the wizard’s vulnerable curtain.

From behind those walls, his minions, with the help of a corrupt media, propagandize a citizenry while he remains mostly out of sight.  The point has been to make it appear, through ads and fawning coverage, that Slow Joe is everywhere when he’s mostly nowhere.

Towards the end of the movie, after the Wizard’s duplicity is exposed, he fills his balloon full of hot air (how’s that for political irony) and pledges to take Dorothy home.  Alas like most pols, Donald Trump notwithstanding, he fails to keep even his most important promise.

This all is beginning to look a lot like life imitating art, with Joe Biden miming the corrupt, weak, Wizard of Oz.

But there’s a simple way to prove us wrong.  Biden needs to be consistently out of his basement over the next month, answering questions and interacting spontaneously with people, so voters can see and hear for themselves if he’s up to the rigors of the presidency, or just a shadowy man behind a concrete curtain.












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