NY AG Wants to Eliminate Double Jeopardy Law to Pursue Political Enemies


So often when leftists dislike something, they claim it’s a loophole. The new New York Attorney General is following suit and wants to close a “loophole” — the double jeopardy law. That’s in our Constitution, it’s not a loophole.

It’s not surprising she wants to do that. When tyrants want to get someone, they find ways around the law. Barbara Underwood tweeted:

Barbara Underwood isn’t concerned about all the murderers and drug dealers Barack Obama pardoned — more than any other President. But, she is outraged that an 81-year old sheriff, an innocent man, and a way-over-prosecuted man were pardoned. She’s just another leftist tyrant who wants to mold the laws to suit her.

She wants anyone who is pardoned by President Trump to face criminal charges yet again in New York.

Ben Shapiro writes: The “double-jeopardy loophole” is actually just called “double jeopardy” – you can’t be prosecuted twice for the same crime. And if you’re pardoned for a crime, you can’t be tried or jailed again for the same crime. The entire purpose of the Constitutional provision barring double jeopardy is to prevent the political prosecution of people for crimes for which they have already been acquitted. And the NY Attorney General is now explicitly calling for jailing people they don’t like politically.

Beware the tyrannical hack.



  1. Double Jeopardy laws were written just for this reason, to protect us against vindictive haters such as Barbara Underwood.

    I didn’t lie, I miss-remembered – James Clapper, to nodding heads

    “I miss-remembered”, to jail for Scooter Libby.

    • Clapper does a lot of misremembering. Maybe some time behind bars would improve ability to properly recall critical events.

  2. New York is lost. When fools of the caliber of Barbara Underwood hold positions of authority like AG, you know it has gone too far. She’s a dangerous demagogue. The constitution can’t protect us with the likes of her in office.

    • Yes, I’m sure she knows that but she is going after the principle itself. She wants to damage the concept. She is using those terms.

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