NY Attorney General Threatens Church Hosting a Conservative Event


New York State Attorney General Letitia James campaigned for office with her intention to get Trump. Videos back that up, and, true to her word, she has continually harassed him and his family.

She’s so empowered that she also attacks supporters or people who don’t shun him.

Legal Insurrection obtained a letter from her that threatens and harasses a church hosting an event  because it includes a Trump-friendly group and Eric Trump, who runs the Trump businesses.

The letter was sent by her office in advance of the event.

According to the letter, James’s office will monitor the event and act if any civil rights or laws are violated. The church views it as an attempt to intimidate and infringe on their free speech.

Legal Insurrection Foundation obtained the letter. The letter is troubling and suggests we are headed for a burgeoning police state with people like James in charge.

The excuse for the letter is it’s the five-year anniversary of the Unite the Right rally, which has nothing to do with this group or the church. James, who signed the letter, is allegedly worried about domestic terrorism and suggested that their rhetoric espouses white nationalist ideals and The Great Replacement Theory, which is a reference to Hitler’s views.

This group has nothing to do with Hitler’s platform of hate. The group merely states the obvious. The Left is filling up the country with new Democrats to water down citizens’ votes.

James also deceitfully linked the “rhetoric” to the mass killer at Tops in Buffalo. James then threatened them with fines, imprisonment, and enforcement of federal and state laws to the fullest extent. Finally, she said she stands ready to investigate any claims and businesses for illegalities or fraud.

Legal Insurrection reports that the group in question is the Reawaken America Tour which has traveled through cities across the country since April 2021. It includes former General Michael Flynn. The original hosting site, an Armory in Rochester, received threats and canceled. Then the church in Batavia agreed to host.

The people involved are innocent.

The letter was addressed to General Flynn and event organizer Clay Clark.

NY Attorney General Letitia James Letter Re ReAwaken America Tour

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3 months ago

Letitia James professional legal career and political career is destined soon for failure including for misfeasance and malfeasance in office. If I were black I would be embarrassed to have her speak for me as a Black person .There are so many fine upstanding black people who can fill these jobs, that scum like Letitia James will be forced out of the competitive process. Eventually, she will be disbarred when the State Bar of New York itself is rid of its own radicals and miscreants who are peers of Leticia James

3 months ago

There are many bases for arresting Letitia James for criminal acts and violation of the Civil Rights of the persons she is trying to silence and also in violation of the First Amendment. As well there are many legal bases for suing Letitia “Mau Mau” James for violation of the civil rights of the attendees as well as arresting this incompetent fool for incitement to riot. I just takes money and a bunch of determined, well qualified attorneys to bury her in litigation and a citizen’s arrest that will stick in court. She will be so busy defending herself that she will lose her Hitlerite focus on destroying people with who she disagrees

3 months ago

This letter was composed the day after Amanda Grace’s prophecy was given.


3 months ago

Will this be the catalyst for God’s removal of the Governor of New York? God has told his prophets that this is coming.