Smash & Grab Hoods Slam Car Into Neiman Marcus, Make Off With Goods


In New York’s swanky Upper East Side, residents have their own guards, and when the ladies buy their ultra-cool designer bags in the stores that the swells shop in, store guards have to escort them to their cars for safety reasons. Smash and grab burglars also terrorize the populace in the equally glorious Beverly Hills.

Recent smash and grab hoods slammed their car right into the Neiman Marcus store in Beverly Hills for a quick entrance and exit after stealing Givenchy bags.

CBS News managed to find a resident who cited the real reason this is happening – IT’S SOCIO-ECONOMIC DISPARITIES AND THE STATE OF THE PLANET!

“It’s sad, and it just makes you wonder what are the answers?,” Beverly Hills resident Paul Giovi said.

Giovi said while he has sympathy for businesses like Nieman Marcus, he understands why there’s been an increase of emboldened thieves that have smashed and grabbed at multiple Beverly Hills stores in recent months.

“I’m surprised that it took this long for it to start happening considering the state of the planet, the socio-economic disparities,” Giovi said.

Another resident with a simpler view, Gali Rubin said, “We need to have a law, we need to have an order, people need to get punished.”

We’re reasonably sure the smash and grabbers are Newsom – Gascon – Biden voters.

The Beverly Hills Police Chief said officers responded in THREE MINUTES, and the thieves still got away. He said he will catch the criminals, but will George Gascon prosecute them?

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1 year ago

sweet… start shipping the invaders to nantucket too. there’s not a single spanish speaking business on that island. progress.

Francis W. Porretto
Francis W. Porretto
1 year ago

If Gascon declines to prosecute the burglars, it will be time to ask what percent of the take he’s getting.