AT&T Used Its Power to Demand Workers at Home Get Vaxxed


AT&T demands representatives who work from home and never go to the office must be vaccinated. That’s a lot of power for a company to assume over the individual rights of its workers. The union sided with the company in requiring vaccination for employees who work 100% at home.

The only possible explanation for such a requirement is that AT&T believes that the virus can be transmitted over phone lines, Steve Kirsch wrote on his substack. He wants to see the data on it.

Given that the US health community claimed everything was guided by science, we should see that data.

On the At&T website, it says:

This new COVID-19 vaccination policy calls for employees covered by these labor contracts who come into work locations, client and customer events or sites, or who are temporarily working from home to be fully vaccinated and compliant with the policy by Feb. 1, 2022, unless they get an approved job accommodation.

That would confirm Kirsch’s comments. Many companies have done this because of the hysteria around vaccinations and the unquestioning obedience to government fiats.

For the government, it appears to be about power, at least in part.

A few lawsuits contesting mandates like this have gone the way of the complainants. We need a lot more of these. People should be wise by now.

When you see the abuse of individual rights and the power NIAID Director Dr. Fauci so abused, you should worry about the World Health Organizations’ move to assume all power over pandemics.

Former NY Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey wrote about it recently:

When the next pandemic hits, President Joe Biden wants the World Health Organization — a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party — to have more power over the U.S. and other countries. Among other changes, WHO is pushing for “equity” in access to vaccines and medicines, meaning the U.S. will be hindered from rushing new vaccines and treatments to its own population until poor countries are supplied, never mind who develops and pays for the drugs. Should the U.S. surrender its ability to care for its own population for the sake of global “equity”? The answer is no.

Anthony Fauci, Biden’s top delegate to WHO, is behind the dangerous idea of enlarging WHO’s power. We should all vigorously oppose it.

They want to decide when an illness is a pandemic and what mandates should be issued. They want it to include enforcement provisions and affect the sovereignty of the 194 member nations. They believe in lockdowns, masks, and forced vaccinations with passports.

Let the AT&T mandate serve as a cautionary tale.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

AT&T, Verizon, Spectrum Cable, T-Mobile, Tracfone et al are part of the Soros crew associates. No surprise there with AT&T’s unrealistic dummy-demands upon their workers.

1 year ago

Where are the Lawsuits? Normally there would Hundreds of Ambulance Chasers going after a company as big as AT&T.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Does a corporation have a right or even a duty to be concerned for the health of its workers?
Well traditionally we would say that it has a duty to provide a safe working environment. We also to have to say that productivity is essential to corporate success. Whether a person is in the ‘shop’ or working remote, such as at home, the corporation has a right to be concerned about health and the related productivity. Even a person working from home cannot be totally isolated because of the needs for nourishment and health care.
BUT there is a limit. Workers are not robots, they are individuals with inalienable human rights. The corporation does not, b fiat or by contract have a right to take away the rights of the individual. Of course in many countries only the elite have an rights and those even are limited as anyone who has followed the history of Russia or China knows because a change of the “Great Leader” can make an elite someone with no rights.
Elitist leaders, who are in effect totalitarian, can case the strangest rules. There is a so-called Christian church (incorporated) I will not name, that is world-wide. but it is in effect a cult. The leader died and the new leader who hated dogs passed a rule that it was a damnable sin to own a dog.
 can imagine the holocaust in the dog population that followed among that church’s families. Of course, the next leader made dogs acceptable again.
But it is not just corporations, it is also governments. California was once almost like a paradise on earth. It was also a place or all kinds of individualism, some that seemed quite wacky and weird to me, but also in Orange County where I lived a lot of politically very conservative individuals. Well now California is quite totalitarian. Even if you work for the federal government, the state can take away your individual rights. One woman of whom I have personal knowledge, a top worker, was forced by the US government sub-contractor for who she works in a federal facility to leave their employment because her church taught that certain vaccines were harmful to the body and therefore it was a sin to take them for they damaged ‘the temple of the Holy Spirit.’ Whether it was a correct Biblical interpretation is not the question. T was a conscience issue for her. The certified letter from her church meant nothing. If the contactor went against the draconian state rule, they would lose the right to do business in the state.
There is also another end-run being planned. The pro-death lobby that is for murder of children even until shortly after birth in Michigan is trying to get a proposed amendment of the state constitution on the 2022 ballot. The amendment would declare it is a human right for a mother to murder her child, in effect taking away a child’s right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The ‘woke’s’ seem to believe in rights only for themselves.
Supporting sites like the Independent Sentinel is one way to fight the great dangers seeking to destroy the wonderful way of life we have had.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

This is news to me. I know first hand that they were pushing the jab hard when I resigned in October 2021.

The story began when they told me on Friday, March 13th, 2020 that I could no longer go into the office, and I told them I would continue to do so. So I continued working there maskless the entire time. They were not forcing the jab on anyone then, I being non-union, because of the union negotiations. I was an in office worker by my own choice.

AT&T followed Biden’s mandate in mid-2021 and that is when AT&T stated a strict must be jabbed policy, either get the jab or wear an N95 mask at all times. That’s when I decided to quit. I would not be tested twice a week, or at all, nor reduce my oxygen level with a dangerous mask, nor be jabbed.

AT&T’s leftist policies are not surprising. Back in the early 90s, AT&T was extremely and recklessly aggressive on affirmative action, and Jesse Jackson praised it as the best corporation in America because of it. When AT&T released a leftist policy in April, 2021, supporting critical race theory, supporting reparations, pushing related classes on employees for performance ratings, and starting a black leadership program to hire and promote blacks, it was a reminder of those painful days in the past. AT&T is just plain left wing.