NY Dem Congressional Candidate Says Police are “Dangerous”


NY Dem Congressional Candidate Says Police are “Dangerous”

by Frank Salvatore


Early this week, Democrat candidate for Congress, Nancy Goroff told her supporters that police are “dangerous”.

She said, “We have to build up our social safety net to make sure we are addressing all of those issues (of criminal justice inequalities).  Those are the underlying problems of what makes police so damaging or dangerous for people of color in so many instances.”

She is running against incumbent, Iraq War Veteran, and officer in the Army Reserves, Lee Zeldin, who represents New York’s 1st  CD. It is an area that encompasses a large section of Long Island, including the East End.

Goroff’s comment comes during a growing nationwide crime wave, which has had a dramatically negative effect in her own state. As NYC PBA President Patrick Lynch put it, “Across this country, police officers are under attack. Our neighborhoods are being ripped apart by violence and lawlessness.” Referring to President Trump he continued, “Most politicians have abandoned us, but we still have one strong voice speaking up in our defense.”

Congressman Zeldin, a stalwart supporter of police, and all first responders has said, that calls to defund police are, “an attack on the safety of every man, woman, and child in my congressional district.”

Ms. Goroff has attended and supported BLM rallies.


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Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
3 years ago

Next article about Ms Goroff really should include a picture of this Whack Job
This is a definite, Suffolk County residents…. we have great respect for our police, they do a fantastic job protecting and defending county residents.

Democrats LOVE their label games. There is not a scant bit of difference between abolish and defund police.

They want to abolish prisons, have already emptied out jails, do away with law enforcement ALL while disarming our citizenry. If THIS isn’t enough to stop people from voting for Democrats, nothing will. Those are among those Dems who are not part of a political ideology, they are mentally ill.

It’s TIME the inmates stop running the asylum. In November, EVERY DEMOCRAT MUST BE REJECTED. These people must not be allowed any power.