NY GOP Picks an Ehtiopian Jewish Dem to Replace Santos


The GOP has expelled George Santos, who voted conservative 96.5% of the time, but they have a replacement. She has an unusual and compelling story. She is a very good-looking black Ethiopian woman who is Jewish and has already served as a county legislator. Good so far?  There is another interesting aspect to her resume – she’s a Democrat. Mazi Malesa Pilip has been a Democrat since 2012. However, she ran as a Republican in both of her races in 2021 and 2023.

She immigrated from Ethiopia at the age of 12 to Israel as part of Operation Solomon. She later served as a paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces.

They say she is a consistent voice for Republican causes.

Far-left Politico reports that she is a formidable candidate to take on Tom Suozzi.

Leftist politician Suozzi is horrible from a Republican standpoint. He also has serious name recognition and is a major Democrat fundraiser.

The district map will be redrawn under court order to heavily favor the Democrat Suozzi, who likes to pretend he reaches across the aisle.

It’s either a brilliant move or the dumbest thing they’ve ever done.

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Trump Won
Trump Won
2 months ago

The stupid party (republican party) have lost their minds. They’re assisting in destroying our country. I had a feeling they didn’t have a solid replacement for Santos. She’s what they call, a “paper candidate” and she doesn’t have a chance to win. They shouldn’t have went through the trouble of getting a replacement. I could accept George’s ousting if they went after others who did the same, but they wouldn’t. Which makes it obvious as to what’s going on in DC. The stupid party has no intention of stopping the insanity.