The Obama’s Message About Skin Color In a Predictable Film


Why would the Obamas back a movie about the end of the world that includes an anti-white theme?

The film is about a rich white family who rents a house on Long Island, not far from New York City, to take a short vacation because the mother, Julia Roberts, hates all people. She is an unlikeable witch with a weak husband, Ethan Hawke, their son, who is girl crazy, and a daughter who just wants to watch Friends. The daughter gets weirder as the family becomes more frightened and confused by the loss of all communication devices and other strange events.

Kevin Bacon stars in a bit part as the mean gun-toting father who is storing up supplies he doesn’t want to share. I won’t give the entire story away, but it is an apocalyptic, potential end-of-the-world story.

There are two other main characters, a black father and daughter, who suddenly appear and want to stay the night. They own the home. They know more than they say, and for no logical reason except to create suspense in the absence of a skilled technique, they keep it all to themselves.

As Vox says, “It skewers yuppie vacationers.” I’ll add “white” yuppie vacationers. “In the absence of any clear information, the apocalypse takes the form of each character’s most potent fears. Amanda (Julia Roberts) blames mysterious Black people. Clay (Ethan Hawke) panics at finding himself in a situation that reveals he is not the good liberal he hopes to be. G.H. (Maherashala Ali, the Black dad) dreads a situation he doesn’t know how to talk himself out of.”

The Obamas came on board the film as producers with their production company Higher Ground two years after the film was made. They wanted to back it, and did.

James Woods wrote about it:

The Obamas are two of the most influential people on the planet. Politics aside, you have to agree that their potential power to create good in the world is monumental.

That’s why seeing that power used to promote racial hatred is deeply disappointing.

It’s sad and troubling, and it’s their message to us. We should listen because he is one of the people guiding Joe Biden. His staff is in the White House, along with George Soros’s staff, another dark and bizarre but brilliant figure in the lives of Americans.

The plot line is predictable and based on a 2020 novel by Rumaan Alam, Leave the World Behind.

Variety reports: This is a story that doesn’t necessarily provide answers but asks fundamental questions about how we live, how we think, and who we trust.

And the people you don’t trust have white skin. Based on the color of their skin, you make decisions.

This is the scene with the real message: The black father and daughter talk about the impending apocalypse.

“If the world falls apart, trust should not be doled out easily to anyone,” the daughter tells the father in the scene. “Especially white people.”

That’s the movie the Obamas got behind, and they want you to understand the message they are spreading.

Currently, we have a country that is pouring in black and brown people while teaching their children to hate whites and the American-European Founding. It is not a good message for white conservative Christians.

What would Martin Luther King Jr. say? His message is being destroyed.

As James Woods said. They could have been a force for good but chose something quite different.

Now we have a movie called Civil War by another liberal or leftist. It seems like that’s what the progressive Democrats want. We must never go there. It would destroy us this time.

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2 months ago

I watched the movie even though I saw their name in the beginning. It was a waste of my time and we all know Barry and Mike lent their names to the project, got paid a lot of money and did nothing else.