NY Rep Says 2nd Amendment Is to Take Up Arms Against Trump


This next story is unbelievable, really unbelievable.

A New York Democratic congressman Tom Suozzi suggested during a town hall that citizens may have to take up arms against the president if he doesn’t follow the law as they see it. It was after he selected other solutions for a president one disagrees with.

“I mean, this is where the Second Amendment comes in quite frankly because you know, what if the president was to ignore the courts? What would you do? What would we do?” Rep. Tom Suozzi, D-N.Y., said during a March 12 Q&A session with constituents in Huntington, on Long Island.

“It’s really a matter of putting public pressure on the president,” he said.

How many times did Barack Obama actually violate the Constitution? At least nine times. Should we have shot him? I think not.

The speech was live streamed on Facebook so we have a record of it.

Suozzi was also asked by a resident to explain the 2nd Amendment.

He responded, “The Second Amendment is the right to bear arms,” the Democrat said. “That’s why we have it.”


Suozzi apparently thinks one purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to force the President to do what the violent people in this country want.

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