NY State Cancels Two-Thirds of Its Wind Projects


New York State will ditch most of its offshore wind projects as the climate change hoax becomes more apparent.

Somehow, these wind projects were expected to bring the state to 70% renewable energy by 2030.

The canceled projects represent two-thirds of New York’s wind projects. The sector is struggling.

It’s also another Biden failure. He’s always wrong on every issue.

New York won’t allow fracking of its valuable natural gas, so Pennsylvania siphons it out of the ground.

Politico reported that the cancellation was caused by “technical and commercial complexities between provisional awardees and their partners.” BloombergNEF reported a 60 percent increase in offshore wind project costs from 2021 to 2024, attributing it mostly to rising interest rates. Technical issues likely mean they can’t build the windmills cheap enough to turn a profit.

As of now, only two projects are proceeding in New York. The Empire Wind 1 (810 MW) and Sunrise Wind (880 MW) will proceed. Additionally, the state recently celebrated the completion of South Fork Wind. It is New York’s first offshore wind project with a capacity of 130 MW.

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