MA DOT Secretary Nutt Is Going After “Everyone Who Has Money”


Massachusetts Transportation Secretary, strongly backed by Mayor Maura Healey, recently delivered a speech to a receptive nutty audience where she boasted that she’s targeting “everyone who has money.”

Monica Tibbets-Nutt is aptly named a nut.

Screenshot Monica Tibbets Nutt, identifying as a woman?

“We are going after all the people,” she said at a public gathering of fellow climate cultists, “who should be giving us money to make our transportation better.”

The $196,551 a year Secretary Nutt said she is “basically going after everyone who has money.”

Her dream is this, per Howie Carr at the Boston Herald:

  •  Increasing the state payroll tax.
  •  Jacking up local excise taxes.
  •  New tolls on all highways leading into Massachusetts.
  •  Forcing working-class drivers out of their pick-up trucks, which she claimed are “basically” 18-wheelers.
  •  Charging more for Uber/Lyft rides and package-delivery services.
  •  Writing more speeding tickets, suspending more driver’s licenses, and forcing motorists to appeal the loss of their licenses at the state’s kangaroo court hearings.
  •  Using state policy to bludgeon citizens into submission to the Deep State — “I’ll 100 percent use it as a weapon.”

Crack Down on Hard-Working, Law-Abiding Motorists

This is in a state where criminal illegal aliens without licenses drive at will, in unregistered, uninsured, uninspected low riders without consequences.

“We’re getting really, really aggressive,” said Nutt. “We are pushing for less warnings, more citations. I’m telling you, nothing slows down someone real quick like getting your license suspended.”

“The beauty is we can be in charge of that too ‘cause we will 100 percent take your license. We have absolutely no problem doing that. Feel free to appeal this in a hearing.”

According to her press releases, Nutt’s goals are “a more inclusive and equitable transportation system.”

To do that, she might have to put the working person in prison.

She’s also involved with a transportation foundation that “provides scholarships to female-identifying professionals and students.”

You only identify as a female now.

During the meeting Howie Carr of the Boston Herald attended, she sputtered, “Once I say it, it’s now a policy.”

She’s also there for the fragile girl in the audience who is terrified of SUVs. Terrified girl’s afraid they will “squish her.”

“That’s very reasonable,” Nutty Nutt agreed. “They’re massive!”

Nutty Nutt can’t do anything about it right now, but she did demonize truck drivers “who drive 18-wheelers as their own personal cars.”

Nutt thinks a HUGE excise tax might get plumbers and electricians in their MAGA hats out of their trucks.

Howie Carr explains that her totalitarian goals will not come true anytime soon since Mayor Healey’s regime is hopelessly incompetent.

Do not ever dare tell me Democrats are the party of women or the working man and woman.

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