NY Times demands President force companies to make medical supplies


The New York Times, which has declared the President a dictator at times, wants him to order a national lockdown they admit he does not have the authority to do. They also want him to force companies to do what they are already doing.


“President Trump needs to call for a two-week shelter-in-place order, now, as part of a coherent national strategy for the coronavirus to protect Americans and their livelihoods,” the editorial board wrote Tuesday, arguing that the U.S. had passed the point “where aggressive, targeted efforts at tracking and containment … have a realistic chance of success.”

The editorial board acknowledged that Trump does not have the authority to impose a national lockdown, though it urged him to use his platform to “put pressure on, and provide political cover for, governors to take the hard steps that are needed.”

Each state is its own government and its elected officials are the ones who should decide the needs of their own state. Not every state requires the restrictions placed on New York. They don’t need the President.

The Times is also concerned that the President isn’t using the Defense Production Act to force industries and companies to make medical supplies. The NY Times suggests that it is costing countless lives.

It’s most of the media trying to tie the President to Cov-19 deaths, not just the New York Times.

Andrew Cuomo also wants authoritarian rule over medical supplies, but that’s how he rules in New York.


What they don’t say and what the President has said and his advisers have said is there is no need to force companies to do what they are already doing.

The media has found a way to trash the President because the companies might make a profit. That is actually not a given at all. They are losing money right now.

The Surgeon General said that two days ago and Peter Navarro said yesterday on Tucker Carlson’s show that they will use the act as they find companies that are hoarding.

The Times wants him to become a dictator. Meanwhile, companies are rising to the occasion. Car companies are making ventilators and masks.

A veteran-owned shirt company turned to make masks for doctors and nurses because “this is not about money.”

Tyler Merritt, the CEO of Nine Line Apparel, made the comment to Fox News as the country struggles with a shortage of medical masks.

“I’m an engineer, I’m also a former Army officer, I’m also a member of the special operations community, I’m also the son of a person who will die if he contracts this, I’m also the son of a nurse, I’m also the father of children who could potentially die,” Merritt said. “So this is not about money, this is about coming together, cutting through the red tape, this is also about identifying those horrible, massive conglomerates that are hoarding materials.”

The examples of companies coming through for America are countless. There is no sense of forcing people to do what they are already doing.

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