MSM beginning to silence President Trump as his poll numbers rise


The press has demanded that daily briefings return. In fact, they vilified the President for not briefing them daily during a pandemic. He heard them and responded by holding at least one briefing a day. His poll numbers have risen as a result.

There were calls to not air his briefings from CNN, Rachel Maddow, and others, claiming he is providing misinformation. That call to silence the President is growing and being put into action

That is concurrent with his rising poll numbers. They think Americans are too stupid to make their own decisions and they want to make them for you.

The Washington Post is calling for an end to the briefings, except for C-Span. WaPo also directed their reporters to put their spin on whatever the President said.

Jay Rosen wants to silence the President.

NPR, the station taxpayers pay for, will silence the President.

Trump’s poll numbers jumped to 49% according to CBS, Gallup, and ABC. Thus, they need him off the air. He must be silenced. When he first began these briefings, they were fine with simply ripping him apart afterward, but that didn’t work. Now they want to silence him.

They aren’t concerned with facts, they are upset that he’s winning over the public. They want to decide what we see, hear and think. The MSM will tell us what we are to care about. The media will filter information for you, you dopes.

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