NY Times Editor Admits They Are Trying to Turn America Against Trump


Update: The NY Times digital gatekeeper Nicholas Dudich who was the subject of the first two Project Veritas videos has been fired over ‘damaging’ video.

The London New York Times homepage editor was caught on James O’Keefe’s undercover video admitting to corruption without seeming to know it’s corrupt.

The New York Times editor, Desiree Shoe, slammed Vice President Mike Pence as “fu**ing horrible” and insisted that the media’s slanted coverage is geared to turn America against Trump and his administration.

She believes the President is crazy and Pence is too religious which to her means they had to help sway the election. While she admits the stories are “supposed to be objective”, it’s “hard to portray the President in an unbiased light when the words that come out of his mouth are apologetic to white supremacists”.

“If you impeach him,” you get Pence and he could be worse. She said he is very religious and condoned conversion therapy which is not true. The bias against religion and people who are religious is growing.

She admits to the need for clicks online and they want to meet the desires of readers. The Times reports the news through the prism of the left.

The Project Veritas investigations have caused the Times to alter its social media policy. In a nutshell, the Times told newsroom employees — even those who don’t cover politics — that they should not share personal opinions on their personal social media accounts.

This was met with derision by journalists at other publications. O’Keefe’s exposés moved them in this direction. In the end, it enables the NY Times to hide their biased left-wing staff.

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