NY Times finally exposes the sleazy grifters of The Lincoln Project


Megyn Kelly tweeted this about The Lincoln Project: The greed, the gall, the grift – not surprising. The neverending sanctimony toward others, while behaving like such sleazes themselves, is befuddling. So brazen! So brash. And so gross. She linked the comment to a NY Times investigation of the founders.

The NY Times investigation into the Lincoln Project shows how its founders were “privately taking steps to make money from the earliest stages, and wanted to limit the number of people who would share in the spoils.”

Now that these lying sleazeballs are no longer useful, the reporting has changed. The truth is coming out.

It was a money-making venture from the beginning, and it worked thanks to Democrats and their media. They made $87 million from lies and vicious attacks while covering for a pedophile. They couldn’t have done it without the NY Times and other enablers.

From the Times:

The behind-the-scenes moves by the four original founders showed that whatever their political goals, they were also privately taking steps to make money from the earliest stages, and wanted to limit the number of people who would share in the spoils. Over time, the Lincoln Project directed about $27 million — nearly a third of its total fund-raising — to Mr. Galen’s consulting firm, from which the four men were paid, according to people familiar with the arrangement.

They never discussed policy. They only attacked.  The members — Steve Schmidt, John Weaver, Reed Galen, Rick Wilson, and later George Conway — were simply there to launch ad hominem attacks on Donald Trump and his staff and supporters.

The Times knew they weren’t there to save democracy [actually, we are supposed to be a Republic]:

Conceived as a full-time attack machine against Mr. Trump, the Lincoln Project’s public profile soared last year as its founders built a reputation as a creative yet ruthless band of veteran operators. They recruited like-minded colleagues, and their scathing videos brought adulation from the left and an aura of mischievous idealism for what they claimed was their mission: nothing less than to save democracy.

In the comment section of the Times article, hundreds of the cancel culture — Democrats — expressed their glee over the Lincoln Project’s success in hurting then-President Trump. The Project’s corrupt financial dealings, their ruthlessness, and their perversions are of no matter. The end justifies the means.

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