NY Times Might Have a Fake Story About WH Counsel Selling Trump Out to Mueller


Don McGahn

The  has another potentially fake news scoop/leak. They reported that President Trump’s White House Counsel Don McGahn is “cooperating extensively” with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and met with him for three interviews. The Times is reporting those interviews added up to more than 30 hours.

The Times article claims, “Mr. McGahn laid our how Mr. Trump tried to ensure control of the investigation, giving investigators a mix of information both potentially damaging and favorable to the president.”

“Mr. McGahn cautioned to investigators that he never saw Mr. Trump go beyond his legal authorities, though the limits of executive power are murky,” the Times continued.

The newspaper’s suggestion is that McGahn sold out the President. It’s interesting to note that the article was written by rabid Trump haters Michael Schmidt and Maggie Haberman.

The Times said McGahn provided “details about the President’s furor over the investigation” and “gave a clear view of the President’s most intimate moments with his lawyer.”

Schmidt tweeted that: Trump and McGahn have a complicated, mutually beneficial but ultimately terrible relationship — so bad that McGahn calls Trump “King Kong” behind his back.

The left is thrilled since they believe this is the nail in the coffin. They never learn. This is only part of the story or it’s not the story at all.


The President weighed in with a tweet, writing, “I allowed White House Counsel Don McGahn, and all other requested members of the White House Staff, to fully cooperate with the Special Counsel. In addition, we readily gave over one million pages of documents. Most transparent in history. No Collusion, No Obstruction. Witch Hunt!”

The President’s team wanted full cooperation, thinking it would help bring the probe to an end, his lawyers have said.

The Times claimed that McGahn and his lawyer found it odd that the President wanted them to cooperate fully. According to the Times, they said they were concerned Trump might be setting McGahn up to take the blame for illegal acts of obstruction. The newspaper claims that McGahn and his lawyer then decided to cooperate as much as possible. McGahn allegedly didn’t want to become another John Dean.


John Dowd, the President’s former top outside counsel, said the Times allegations about the McGahn testimony are “fiction”. In fact, he said, McGahn was a “very strong witness for the President”.

Mr. McGahn’s attorney William Burck seemed to confirm Mr. Dowd’s comments and the President’s.

“President Trump, through counsel, declined to assert any privilege over Mr. McGahn’s testimony, so Mr. McGahn answered the Special Counsel team’s questions fulsomely and honestly, as any person interviewed by federal investigators must.”

CNN Washington correspondent Ryan Nobles tweeted: in response to the story a person with direct knowledge of the McGahn legal strategy tells me they “wouldn’t agree with the insinuation in the article that Don provided incriminating information about Trump. He just told the truth as he was required to.”

All of these things could be true in some way. We will have to wait and see.

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Daniel Gerouse
Daniel Gerouse
4 years ago

HAHaha! Real news would be nyt might have an ACCURATE article!!

Timothy Van Eck
Timothy Van Eck
4 years ago

“fulsomely”??? I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means>

Bruddah Nui
Bruddah Nui
4 years ago

Once again the NYT’s shows no scruples or concern for honest reporting.

4 years ago
Reply to  Bruddah Nui

Yes it is merely more anti-Trump gossip from the NYT. It is done repeatedly yet they expect the public to believe it. The theme usually is that Trump is in trouble and also incompetent. The cooperation is another leak from the conspirators to try to keep alive the idea that the investigation is valid.