NY Times publishes an article about Biden’s watch


The NY Times published an article about Biden’s Rolex watch. They wrote that recent presidents not named Trump wore everyman watches like Timex or Shinola. This article is trending on Twitter with the hashtag ‘Biden’s Wrist.’

It’s another FIRST! Biden broke tradition apparently.

Author Alex Williams writes:

To many, a president wearing a luxury watch might not seem unusual. Shouldn’t the leader of the free world wear a power watch befitting his position? (Never mind that it costs the equivalent of dozen or so stimulus checks.)

That concept was widely accepted once, back when Dwight D. Eisenhower and Lyndon B. Johnson posed guiltlessly for Oval Office portraits wearing gold Rolexes. Not for nothing is Rolex’s storied gold Day-Date model known as the “President.”

Such political power watches, however, had gone out of style in the internet age, when most recent presidents, and politicians in general, seemed to consider the luxury watch as a signifier of out-of-touch elitism.

Then the author goes into the psychology of wearing a Rolex:

So what to make of Mr. Biden’s watches?

Whether a conscious fashion statement or not, the high-end, but macho, watches suggest that, even at 78, this former high school football star of the Kennedy years still wants to be seen as a he-man, rugged and young at heart (see his aviator sunglasses).

They also embody a classic version of the American Dream: that anyone, even a kid from Scranton, can make it to the pinnacle of power.

Then again, he may just wish to make it to White House meetings on time.

Aside from boring, the article is an embarrassment.

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