NY Times says 2 missiles hit Ukraine plane (video)


New security camera footage shows two Iranian missiles, fired 30 seconds apart, hitting the Ukrainian commercial airliner after takeoff from Tehran on Jan. 8, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.

The missiles were launched from an Iranian military facility eight miles away from the plane, the newspaper said. Neither missile took down the plane immediately and the video shows the plane on fire and circling back toward Tehran airport, it said.

The new video fills a gap about why the plane’s transponder stopped working, seconds before it was hit by a second missile, according to the Times.

An earlier Times analysis confirmed what Iran later admitted: that an Iranian missile did strike the plane. The Times also established that the transponder stopped working before that missile hit the plane. The new video appears to confirm that an initial strike disabled the transponder, before the second strike, also seen in the video, around 23 seconds later.




  1. What did Trudeau say and speak out as he has blaming Trump for the Ukraine Airliner being blown out of the sky? It sounds very much like he had to do something to get the bodies of the Canadians back. Only a weak person changes his view on a disaster like this to appease the evil Iranians.

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