NY Times Stole a Story, Then Covered It Up, Facebook Followed


Alex Berenson was the first to break the story of a prominent Parkinson’s doctor visiting the White House eight times. He’s not happy that the sleazy New York Times stole his story, pretending it was theirs.

The Times authors Peter Baker and Emily Baumgaertner published his scoop two days after Berenson posted it on Monday.

They didn’t just steal it, says Berenson; they tried to hide the theft.

Berenson wrote on Substack:

For the Times didn’t merely steal my reporting, it appears to have tried to hide its theft. Their original story – available at the Internet archive called Wayback Machine – claimed the White House had released the visitor logs showing that Parkinson’s specialist Dr. Kevin R. Cannard has visited the White House at least eight¹times since summer 2023 “in response to a request from The New York Times.”

That line is an apparent effort by Baker and Baumgaertner to explain how they discovered the visits – which the Times reported as “Breaking News” – and why they happened to write the article now, two days after mine, rather than months ago.

As Berenson said, the Biden administration visitor logs are public and online. They’re available to everyone at any time. The times did not need to request them. All he had to do was to go to whitehouse.gov and search.

It gets worse. Berenson says that after he pointed that out on X, the Times quietly edited the story to remove that line.

The Grey Lady is corrupt. However, they do this sort of thing so often now, without any repercussions, that they probably don’t even feel embarrassed or ashamed.

To add insult to injury, Facebook censored Berenson’s story. The New York Times’ stolen version WAS NOT CENSORED!


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