California Has Too Much Solar Energy – Taxpayers Must Pay!


California has generated too much solar energy, and it can’t store it all. As a result, the grid has had to “throw away”  2.6 million megawatt hours of renewable electricity. They call it the duck curve.  Solar kicks in with the sun while people are out and not using electricity.

The state ends up with more electricity than transmission lines can handle. Storage is a problem.

By throwing away, they mean that fleets are told to generate less electricity. Gov. Newsom’s administration pushed to add batteries. However, his state regulators thought it wise to cut subsidies.

Homeowners must install batteries for $10,000 to $20,000 more in addition to the panels.

Solar and wind can’t survive without taxpayers paying for much of it.

Now, solar companies are seeing huge drops in business – 66%. About 17,000 ‘green’ energy jobs were lost.

Experts say they will never meet the governor’s goals.


Gov. Newsom’s killing the middle class.

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