NYC 2021-Four Miscreants Beat Woman, 1 Using a Pot, Steal Her Walker & $22


A group of lowlifes was caught on camera this week savagely beating a woman who uses a walker to get around — before fleeing with the device and $22.

Surveillance footage of the gruesome, cowardly attack Tuesday evening in Harlem showed three women and a man roughing up the 61-year-old victim — punching her repeatedly while she’s on the ground and stomping on her.

The NYPD report that at one point a female attacker was seen beating the helpless victim with a cooking pot.

The attack took place on the corner of Eighth Ave. and West 151 Street around 8:20 PM and lasted at least 40 seconds.

The “fearsome foursome” made off with the victim’s walker, $22 and credit cards, cops said.

Police report the disabled woman was taken to Harlem Hospital where she’s recovering from her injuries.

Detectives are hunting for the quartet of miscreants, some of whose faces can be clearly seen in the video.

What can’t be seen is their souls, because, like a growing number of increasingly unrestrained New Yorkers, they don’t seem to possess one.



  1. Uncle Joe would hook up a stimmy check for the comrades no need to go and beat up grammaw.
    It could take a minute to upload to the EBT and the give me convenience and comfort now brigade can’t wait that long.
    NYC? Nothing will happen or they will promoted to the CHEKA under comrade DeBlasio.

  2. I couldn’t see for certain, was the victim a Black lady? Being Harlem odds are she is. So much for her Black life mattering.

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