Illegal alien population to increase by 40% by 2024


Everyone knows that the illegal alien population of 11 million is inaccurate. We could actually have between 22 and 60 million people here illegally, counting the cartels. Add another 40% to that. These are mostly people who maintain their dual citizenship and are coming illegally for all the wrong reasons.

We will end up with an easily manipulated population who will replace you. All of us will be under the domination of communistic Democrats, the people who brought you slavery and Jim Crow.

Make no mistake, they are pouring into red states and no one is doing a thing to stop it. Uneducated, criminal, terrorist foreigners will decide the future of the United States, not you.

The numbers are set to surge

The analysis, conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), projects that the nation’s illegal alien population will increase dramatically as a result of Biden’s mass migration agenda where border crossers are routinely being released into the U.S. interior, most illegal aliens are evading deportation, and there are no plans for a crackdown on visa overstays.

If you believe the population of illegals is 11 million, then the illegal alien population “could exceed 20 million” if Biden “implements all of his preferred policies” by the end of 2024, the analysis estimates.

“… the illegal alien population is set to surge under the Biden administration,” FAIR’s analysis states.

Democrats want amnesty and a quick path to citizenship. Their massive bill has the beginnings of it and they can build from there. That will give them the votes they need to stay in power in perpetuity.

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