NYC council wants to boot Thomas Jefferson, George Washington & US flag burn in Portland


Now members of the NYC Council want the statue of Thomas Jefferson removed. Don’t think for a minute the one in D.C. is safe. They aren’t burning the statue as they do in Portland since they have the power to boot him.

New York is communist now.

A group of Big Apple local elected officials on Thursday formally asked Mayor Bill de Blasio to remove the statue of Thomas Jefferson from City Hall as the fallout from the George Floyd killing continued to mount, writes the NY Post.

This has NOTHING to do with George Floyd. It’s an excuse to erase all that we are.

“His words are ‘all men are created equal’ but they were not matched by his action, which included the ability to sell, buy, mortgage and lease human beings,” Councilwoman Debi Rose (D-Staten Island) said of the Founding Father who authored the Declaration of Independence.

“He believed black people to be racially inferior, said black Americans and white Americans could not live peacefully side by side and he fathered as many as six children with a woman he enslaved,” added Rose, who along with Council Speaker Corey Johnson was one of five members to sign the demand.

“I believe the New York City Council should neither ignore nor glorify this dark side of American history.”

Some council members resisted but he will likely go.

The totality of the man is not about slavery. He extended our nation’s borders, wrote the Declaration of Independence, and more, but, regardless, he is our history. Jefferson wrote the first federal ban on slavery (in the Northwest Territory; his words were later incorporated in the 13th Amendment) and signed into law the end of the slave trade. His record on slavery was hardly one-sidedThis is no different than the Nazis burning our books.

These people hate America, want to rewrite our history, and install communism.


Nothing is ever done about these communists because they are Democrat allies, and help them further their agenda. They are embraced by them.

They’re burning down America, get it?

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