Happy Juneteenth? Kamala wants it to become a national holiday


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Kamala Harris sponsored a bill to make Juneteenth a national holiday. That could make the shame of slavery permanent and on every white American’s soul for all time. That way reparations could also be permanent, as Senator Harris has proposed, forever dividing us as Americans.

The left could call us all racists forever and celebrate it on Juneteenth each year. Are you tired of being called a racist yet?

Democrats forget it’s their legacy.

What holiday will we have to give up to make this happen? We’ve already surrendered any remembrance of our important presidents. We have communist Labor Day. I’d give that one up. Columbus Day is now Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Our American holidays are becoming depressing.

Kamala’s running for Biden’s running mate and that is likely her incentive since her ancestors were slavers, according to her father. Snopes says it’s unproven. Although there is lots of evidence. In any case, the people who enslaved people, the KKK, and ordered Jim Crow laws were almost all Democrats. Without Republicans, the 1964 Civil Rights Act would never have passed. The Southern Democrats didn’t want it.

Senator Harris has already advocated for permanent reparations for slavery to be paid by white people who never enslaved anyone to be given to people who were never slaves.

Of course, the racism blacks have suffered is terrible, but the left is telling us we can never stop atoning. They use it only to push a far-left agenda.

Kamala wants to be the VP pick.

Currently, 47 states support it and Republicans like John Cornyn support it.

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