NYC Council Won’t Tighten Sanctuary Laws Despite the Crime


New York City’s mostly communist city council won’t allow changes to sanctuary laws that would allow the deportation of criminal illegal aliens.

Illegal Aliens in New York City

“We’re not going back and forth. I stated my position, they stated their position, and so the legal team is now looking at what are the options we have,” Mayor Adams said in an interview with Fox 5’s Good Day New York.

“We’re going to stay focused on the many other things we have to do in the city,” he continued.

“I just want New Yorkers to know that it doesn’t matter if it’s a longtime New Yorker or a migrant and asylum seeker; no one should harm our public safety in this city, and I’ve been clear on that from the day of being a police officer.”

Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City

In an interview on 1010 WINS, he said he would “exercise whatever authority I have to protect the people of the city.” That could conceivably include an executive order.

Can you imagine a city council looking at the crime and corruption and not wanting to change it? That’s what New York City has in place now. They don’t have New Yorkers’ interests at heart. It’s not only happening in New York.

When they’re not condoning crime and no punishment, they’re condoning foreigners committing crimes and giving them sanctuary.

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