NYC DA ‘hints’ of ‘protracted criminal conduct’ at Trump Org — it’s rehashed old news


Democrats are looking to find criminal behavior at the Trump Organization whether they have evidence or not. The Manhattan prosecutor’s office “hinted” that the probe is into “possibly extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization,” The Hill reported.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office on Monday hinted that its subpoena for President Trump’s tax returns is part of an investigation into “possibly extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization,” including potential fraud allegations detailed in media reports in recent years.

This is NOTHING NEW. It’s been the, so far, unsubstantiated claim all along. In other words, this latest big news article is a rehashing of the old.

This is a simple regurgitation of a prior suspicion based on air so far. The “hinted” accusation is a response to his attorneys’ filing in Manhattan district court, but the media acts like they never heard it before.

The Supreme Court recently ruled 7-2 that President Trump had no special immunity from a grand jury probe.

In light of that ruling, Trump’s personal attorneys filed a new complaint with the federal district court in Manhattan last week. They argued the subpoena is overly broad and “amounts to harassment of the President.”

“This is not a straightforward request to review specific business transitions; it is an overreaching demand designed to pick apart the President and each related entity from the inside out, without regard to the geographic limits of the District Attorney’s jurisdiction or the scope of the grand jury’s investigation,” Trump’s legal team wrote.

They called the Plaintiff’s complaints baseless.

Manhattan DA Vance said their filing doesn’t put forth any new arguments and should be thrown out. Vance does not appear to have presented any new evidence either.

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