NYC Department of Ed defends drag queen skit for 3 to 8-year-olds


The NYC Department of Education defended the drag queen skit for 3 to 8-year-olds, aired on PBS, the taxpayer-funded PBS. They said the [perverse] drag queen act is performance art and can inspire creativity.

Oh sure, one of the little kids said he could be a drag queen when he grows up. There’s creativity for you.

The skit was part of a “Let’s Learn” television series that is produced in partnership with WNET and the New York City Department of Education. Footage surfaced on social media with the drag queen known as “Lil’ Miss Hot Mess” promoting their book “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish.’

PBS clarified to Fox News that “Let’s Learn” was “not funded or distributed by PBS.”

The book’s cover features various drag queens, including one named Cinderfella, who donned a blue mustache and long blue hair.

“I wrote this book because I wanted everyone to get to experience the magic of drag, and to get a little practice shaking their hips or shimmying their shoulders – to know how we can feel fabulous inside of our own bodies,” said Lil’ Miss Hot Mess.

The NYC Department of Education defended this little hot mess:

“Through lessons taped by educators, the program offers age-appropriate content that is aligned to education standards and lessons for early childhood education, focusing on foundational reading and writing skills, literacy, math, science, social studies, and the arts,” it reads.

“The series also supports social-emotional learning and brings viewers on virtual field trips to see dance performances, meet animals, visit botanical gardens, and more.”


Lindsey Horvitz of WNET explains:

“Let’s Learn storybooks are selected by early literacy experts at the New York City Department of Education,” Lindsey Horvitz of WNET told Fox News on Thursday.

The program strives to incorporate themes that explore diversity and promote inclusivity, which are relevant to education and society. Drag is a performance art that can inspire creative thinking and the questioning of stereotypes. Lil Miss Hot Mess is the author of the book, The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish. She serves on the global leadership team of Drag Queen Story Hour and has hosted readings at numerous libraries, children’s museums, and schools across the country,” said Lindsey Horvitz of WNET

People who show something like this to little kids are degenerates. Little children don’t need to be exposed to drag queens to inspire their creativity — too young! This stuff is indoctrination. Children should actually stay away from these people — stranger danger.

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