NYC has its worst week in 30 years & de Blasio is worried about BLM murals


Mayor Bill de Blasio showed up at a Black Lives Matter mural installation in Harlem on Friday, just hours after he bailed on his much-talked-about plans for a similar event in front of President Trump’s Midtown tower.

At the last minute, he decided he’d reschedule the Trump Tower mural.

As de Blasio begs for money from the federal government, he’s wasting money painting Black Lives Matter on streets. To say nothing of the fact that BLM is a Marxist organization. He’s doing this as New York City had its bloodiest week in thirty years.

BLM doesn’t even conceal what they are. If you go to their website, they don’t hide the fact that they’re communists.

The communist mayor is leading the people of Harlem to communism.

“This was the place where the message of black America was spread all over the country, all over the world. So this is a place where we must have this mural,” he told the small group of community activists.

De Blasio also didn’t let an exploding political controversy over claims he misled the City Council about Police Department budget cuts stop him from again touting his spending plan for the NYPD.

“We don’t need to just police. Policing is not enough. You don’t police your young people, you reach them, you uplift them, you support them,” de Blasio told the uptown gathering.

A third of the billion dollars was supposed to switch the school safety out of the police department to education. However, it’s not going to happen this year.

He’s canceling the upcoming recruit class and he already canceled the undercover officers.

There are hardly enough police now and there will be enormous cuts coming.


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