Rapper Lord Jamar is ‘no Black Lives Matter supporter’


Rapper Lord Jamar doesn’t agree with the Black Lives Matter movement and said so in a video posted to Twitter by music account SCUM.

“I”m not no Black Lives Matter supporter,” he began. The interviewer questioned the response. “You’re not?” a voice off-camera asked.

Jamar explained why. “Because it’s not our movement. This is a movement that was given to us by, you know, George Soros and his f****** boys because they saw how things were going and they didn’t want it to go back to the 60s.”

Newsweek called it a conspiracy theory, but Soros does give to these organizations and he gives a great deal of money. Soros gave $33 million to Black Lives Matter, a cop-hating Marxist organization, for one.

Soros money made BLM a powerful bastion of influence. It’s almost a political party. He and his money did that.

Jamar is smart and he’s right.


The truth about BLM:

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