NYC: He Punches Elderly Woman, Released, Punches Little Girl, Released


Progressive New York City, where little girls get punched in the face in Grand Central Terminal and are immediately released.

Jean Carlos Zarzuela, 30, was free without bail despite allegedly punching an elderly woman earlier this month. He was hauled out of a Manhattan precinct in handcuffs Sunday to be arraigned for punching a little Bronx girl in the face without warning while she walked with her mother.

The girl was left dizzy and in pain and was taken to NYU Langone-Tisch Hospital, sources told the NY Post.

He was arraigned on assault, reckless endangerment, and harassment charges in that case — but released without bail by Manhattan Judge Laurie Peterson.

He’s free. Who knows what he will do next? Bad people escalate when they are not punished.

This judge made headlines in 2020. She released an accused looter who smashed an NYPD cop in the head with a glass bong, NY Post reports.

The no-bail laws and soft-on-crime law enforcement give leftist judges excuses to release criminals.

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