Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Forces a Revote on the FISA Bill


The FISA bill was passed last week, and Speaker Johnson cast the deciding vote. It allows the intelligence agencies to continue spying on Americans. This is destroying our 4th Amendment.

It seemed like it was over, but Rep. Anna Paulina Luna used a maneuver to force a revote on Monday.

“The fight for taking down the unconstitutional FISA is not over. There is another vote on Monday! I have sent this letter to all Republicans, and we are sending it to all Democrats. We need 218 to stand with us against the unconstitutional surveillance of Americans.”

In her letter, she reminded members that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was “to gather information on bad foreign actors.” However, it was abused “to spy on American citizens in direct violation of American liberty and the 4th Amendment. The FISA court found that the federal government violated its own rules over 278,000 times.”

No matter how this turns out, she is a hero.

However, at 8:00, Speaker Johnson explains why he voted for it – to keep the world from blowing up at a critical time:

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